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Care for yourself…
  • By taking care of your health

  • Three of the most important ways for a woman to take care of her health are to:
    • Do a monthly self breast exam
    • Have a regular Pap test, pelvic exam, and breast exam
    • Have a yearly mammogram (if age 40 or older)
How much do these tests cost?
  • Through the Iowa Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, you may be eligible to receive cancer screening tests at no cost.

  • How? The program has arranged for health care providers across Iowa to provide these services:
    • Breast exams
    • Mammograms
    • Pap tests
    • Pelvic exams
    • Limited diagnostic tests

  • Through this program you may be able to receive referral for breast and cervical cancer treatment coverage should you be diagnosed with cancer or a pre-cancerous condition.
How can I receive services?

You must meet these eligibility guidelines:
  • Age - over the age of 40

  • Income - at or below 250% of the federal poverty income level

  • Insurance
    • no health insurance
    • insurance that does not cover these services
    • cannot pay insurance deductibles or co-payments
    • no Medicare Part B coverage
Why are regular breast and cervical exams so important?

There are many reasons these exams are important:
  • All women are at risk for breast cancer

  • Women past menopause often are not treated for cancer of the cervix

  • As women age, they are more likely to develop breast cancer

  • Regular mammograms and Pap tests help find these cancers early

  • Cure rates are higher when cancer is found and treated before it spreads
Where do I sign up?

Don’t wait another day!

Call: 1-800-369-2229 or 1-800-735-2942
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